Brandon Savory

DP | Director

Brandon Savory is a passion-driven storyteller who has set out to not only create but to explore and make a difference. As an avid adventurer, sailor and filmmaker Brandon has a unique voice that comes through in his visual storytelling. The craft is natural and the connection is genuine its a meld of advertisement meets natural history, meets sports greatest moments, meets rare human contact documentary films.  Brandon loves to be out on the fringes of this planet but thrives in his commercial work. He got his start in Los Angeles’s world of car commercials and product advertising.  If your looking for an expedition leader or a Director/DP to bring your film to life in a visually inspiring way then he would be a great fit.  Filmmaking runs deep in Brandon’s spirit and he is a serious yet loving man to work with.

Clients include Fox Sports, Oakley, Under Armour, MLB, Monster Energy,Titleist, Reliant Energy, Bauer, Dick’s Sporting Goods, TaylorMade and Mattel to name a few.

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