Joshua Bell


Whether it’s going undercover in the jungles of Central American, negotiating clemency for his crew in Eastern Europe, or being adopted into an Australian Aboriginal family, Emmy Award® nominated filmmaker and creative, Joshua Bell has spent the last twenty years traveling the Earth in pursuit of compelling stories.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Joshua carries his “salt of the earth” ethos into every project he undertakes, believing that hard work, refined intuition and artful collaboration are keys to his success.

In recent years, Joshua’s work has been sought out by brands such as General Mills, KitchenAid, Target, Coors, Hershey’s, Pepsi, Boost Mobile, Toyota, Honda and Jaguar, while premiering on both terrestrial and digital platforms such as HBO, ESPN, Facebook, Red Bull TV and Snapchat

“As a filmmaker, I strive to create stories that are both soulful and substantive, infusing my work with nods to the mystical and esoteric nature of everyday life. Conscious of how art impacts human experience, I seek to align my socially minded attitude with everything I create. At the forefront of my imagination and craft is an eternal effort to capture the essence of real people, then carefully orchestrate their stories into a rhythmic dance of image and sound.”

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